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Hey!  I'm Nkechi, a beautiful young woman who is on a journey to becoming the woman God has created for me to be. I love to help people achieve their goals and i'm sharing my thoughts and things I'm learning in hopes to inspire others. I believe that beauty lies within us all and those who dare to grow and express it would achieve true greatness, happiness and fulfilment.  Here you will find lots of things ranging from natural hair care, fashion, beauty, being single, spirituality, and random fun stuff. :)


A week ago, I was feeling really burned out, stressed out and a little sick so I decided to take a day off work to recuperate, (well my boyfriend actually forced me to). So that sunny Wednesday, I took my … Continue reading

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A note to self: The power of more

If you have tried to complete an application before, you would understand my feeling this morning as I tried to answer an essay question needed to complete an application I’ve been on for weeks. I finally got down to it … Continue reading

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Recent Haul – Make Up

This is my usual look to work and everywhere. My friends have given up on me and my no makeup looks. I never thought I was missing anything or doing anything wrong or right by not wearing any makeup but … Continue reading

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Tick tock tick tock Its 394hrs to the end of 2014 and I’m just wondering. Is it possible to do a crash achievement of the goals we set at the beginning of this year? This reminds me of exam periods … Continue reading

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My boyfriend is a writer, Yes! a terrific one. He’s gotten several recognitions through his writing. As a matter of fact, he ditched Law and all the LLB, LLM, etc. to get a masters in fine arts. As a visual … Continue reading

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Indeed, There is a prophet in us all!
When we believe it, say it, feel it… It becomes our reality Continue reading

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Email I would love to hear from you. If you have a question or need to enquire about something on the blog, please feel free to drop me a line. I’d be happy to help in any way I can. … Continue reading

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