kech at the beach

A week ago, I was feeling really burned out, stressed out and a little sick so I decided to take a day off work to recuperate, (well my boyfriend actually forced me to).

So that sunny Wednesday, I took my self to the beach. It is one place that I feel really at peace. Watching the waves and listening to it’s soothing sound as it crashes at the beach makes me feel really calm and my mind so so clear.

And these thoughts kept going through my head

If being successful isn’t all there is to life

If owning everything you ever dreamed of isn’t all there is to life

If having your best body ever and being your healthiest isn’t all there is to life

If loving and being loved isn’t all there is to life.


What is then?

What is of the highest good?

What more is there to life?


Is it helping those in need?

Is it contributing to humanity?

Is it being influential?

Is it what happens or where we end up after our life here on earth?

Tell me my friend what more is there to life?

What more is there this life?

– JULY 8TH, 2015,


About Nkechi

Hey!  I'm Nkechi, a beautiful young woman who is on a journey to becoming the woman God has created for me to be. I love to help people achieve their goals and i'm sharing my thoughts and things I'm learning in hopes to inspire others. I believe that beauty lies within us all and those who dare to grow and express it would achieve true greatness, happiness and fulfilment.  Here you will find lots of things ranging from natural hair care, fashion, beauty, being single, spirituality, and random fun stuff. :)
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3 Responses to LIFE AND LIVING

  1. Seun says:

    I feel the same way about the beach! it’s the only place I feel alive and at peace at the same time.
    I need to take a day off to do this too.

    may you find the answers you seek.

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  2. Your write up resonates within me.
    What more is there to life? there is still that yearning for MORE, even though there is a good job, et al. That should be inherent in every one till one has found and is about doing what purpose is all about. Beside purpose, all the god job, fancy cars now, serving a cause etc will be termed ordinary and just not “it” because there is more.

    a life lived is a life lived after the purpose and intent of God.


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