My boyfriend is a writer, Yes! a terrific one. He’s gotten several recognitions through his writing. As a matter of fact, he ditched Law and all the LLB, LLM, etc. to get a masters in fine arts. As a visual Arts student, he’s spent every minute reading and writing. He owns enough books to start a grand library and he read most of these books in the past one and half years.

Needless to say, he is extremely good at what he does and I’m very proud of him. I enjoy reading his writings, which pleases him. But here is the thing, he wants me to edit his work too. He would send me an email and say something like this;

Hi darling,

Here’s something I wrote. Let me know your thoughts – please check for typos.

I usually feel good about being the first to read what he writes. I thoroughly enjoy myself while reading his essays but I don’t find any errors or typos, even when he assures me that I would find some. Now even when I read something misspelt or grammatically wrong, I sincerely feel he deliberately wrote it that way or perhaps a new invention in the English language (especially because I think he is a genius)

I have written all this to say this to him

Dear I.

When you write, please find an editor. I enjoy reading your writings but please stop giving me the herculean task of finding errors with your work. Of course, I would always give my input and suggestions generally but not on your writing directly.

To me you’re Shakespeare and a genius, a word and English Knight. I would never be able to find anything wrong with your writing. Therefore I ask that you save me from this dilemma and allow me delight myself in your work without going through the stress of finding errors.

Yours sincerely



About Nkechi

Hey!  I'm Nkechi, a beautiful young woman who is on a journey to becoming the woman God has created for me to be. I love to help people achieve their goals and i'm sharing my thoughts and things I'm learning in hopes to inspire others. I believe that beauty lies within us all and those who dare to grow and express it would achieve true greatness, happiness and fulfilment.  Here you will find lots of things ranging from natural hair care, fashion, beauty, being single, spirituality, and random fun stuff. :)
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