Why I did the ”big chop”

_MG_8397 (1)

Tons of people have put me on the stand for getting a haircut. While some think it’s a feminist thing, some think I shaved my head because it’s in vogue.

Well, I have wanted to get my relaxed ends off for over a year now and fear and my then-boyfriend’s disapproval stopped me cold in my tracks. I have a petite stature with an oblong face, huge eyes, high forehead and long jaw. I was promised that a low-cut would never look half as good on me. Even my friend, Nkechi disapproved and advised to transition instead of doing a once and for all big chop.

So here is how it happened; I’ve been transitioning a while and I had just washed my head full of hair. I went to my hairdresser to put in a weave and it turned out she wasn’t in town. Thing is, she has been my hairdresser for the past four years and going to another person sounded like dancing at the edge of a cliff. I was in a fix because my undergrowth was thick and I could not put a comb through it (y’all know how it is when combing due hair). An idea occurred to me about facing my fears and daring to do the things I would normally not do. I went back to my room and asked my roommate to follow me to the barber’s so she could take a video. She refused to be a part of it. I asked two other friends and they refused too.

I went to the barber’s and I took my video myself. And guess what, my face didn’t look half as bad.

I was afraid to be ugly. I wanted natural hair but I was afraid of my face.

Have you ever relaxed someone’s hair? It colors your fingers and you know it shouldn’t get into your eyes. And if you observe closely, the scalp beneath the hair is hot. I was tired of that.

Apart from proving a point to myself about my long relaxed hair not being the definition of beauty, I honestly didn’t know that there was another option from relaxing your hair. It was just normal. It’s funny: when the abnormal suddenly becomes normal and normal is sitting in a corner, moping and doping wondering what went wrong. It is a different scenario when you know there are two options and you can choose one. I didn’t know.


I will stop here for now, but I’ve been loving my short, thick curls. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my hair journey and all the recipes, formulas, and products I’ve been experimenting with.

By the way, I did the big chop on the 8th of August, and today is the 24th of August and people have said you don’t look like a boy anymore because I have had considerable growth. So watch this space!

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