Unveiling Mayowa Fakorede

Here is an Interview between Mayowa and Kech.

I have known Mayowa for 5 years now and when I thought of starting this role model series, her name came up readily in my head. She’s disciplined, hardworking and innovative. Her Brand STREETAILOR is one to watch out for. She has inspired me in a lot of ways and I trust that you would be as inspired as I have been from what she shares with us.


  •       Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Mayowa Fakorede, recently graduated from OAU Ile-Ife, studied computer science with economics. I am Yoruba, 4th of 5 children (the only girl). I currently reside in Lagos. I love to read, love music, art and dance. I’m waiting to be deployed for the National Youth Service Corps.


  •      Did you have challenges as a child?

 Well…as a child I would say one of the challenges I faced was being moved around a lot. It slowed down quite a number of things especially my academics. Always had to start afresh in every new location, so the ripple effect continued until early adulthood.


  •   How were you able to overcome it?

I was able to overcome some of the effects simply put, by God’s grace. I’ve caught up in certain areas where time was lost. There was also the issue of not being too keen to connect with people seeing that we moved around a lot and building new relationships became a task more than something enjoyable. Serving in church helped me work on that, others are still work in progress.




  •      Can you tell us about what you do now?

    I run STREETAILOR house of Fashion, a fashion and apparel line. We make clothes, accessories, purses, bags and footwear with the Ankara (African prints) majorly for ladies, we also make cravats, ties, cuff links and pocket squares for men. We are currently exploring making apparels for men. STREETAILOR designs with traditional prints as well as with other prints. We equally train people who are interested in learning and at present we’re exploring the international fashion market for dealership in other countries. We hope to inspire confidence in women by paying more attention to the body type of the each of client when designing their clothes, in other to ensure that the clothes fit perfectly.



  •    When did you start STREETAILOR and what inspired it?

I started in my 3rd year in the University. I woke up one day and began to sketch. Not long afterwards a name came to me and since then my passion for the fashion and apparel industry has continued to grow.




  •    What exactly can you remember as what played a major role in getting you the level of success that you have now?

   The major player that’s got me as far as I have gone today and is still at work in my life is my relationship with God. As cliché as that may sound, its very true in relation to my story. Every move I’ve made that’s led to and still scripting my success story has been a word for God or from His mouthpieces. So, I’d say sound counsel.


  •   What were the specific principles or lessons you applied to your life that has helped you become who you’re today?

Well, I could say some of the principles I apply would include watching the crop of company I keep; you cant rise above the level of those you surround yourself with.

Others that helped me would include the “never say die” attitude to life. Because you can’t think of a solution at the time it’s needed doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution. There’s always a way out within and/or around you.

Reading is key; you can’t perform beyond the level of knowledge you expose yourself to.

Time management! If you want people to listen to you or take your counsel or instructions, you must first listen to yourself and obey yourself. Stick to your plan as much as you can without ignoring the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Be teachable. In my opinion, its a sign of fear when you feel like there are some people you can’t learn from, fear that people can be better than you.  The truth is that people may have gifts that you don’t have, or they might be better at some things than you are, so it won’t hurt to ask questions. If you are secure in who you are, you’ll always see opportunities to amass knowledge, even if it’s what not to do.

Respect yourself! If you don’t, you shouldn’t question why others don’t too.



  •  You mentioned that you like to read. Did you have lots of books around you growing up?

Yes I read quiet a lot while growing up. My dad had a private library.




  • Did you have a role model?

Growing up, my role model was my mother. She could do almost anything; she loved everyone and stood out from the crowd of other women I knew.


  • Do you have a mentor now?

Yes, I have a mentor now. I met him while in school.



  • Do you think that you would have attained a greater level of success than you already have, if you had met him/her earlier?

Of course I believe I would have attained a greater level of success if I’d met him earlier.


  • What are your long-term goals?

    My long term goals include taking STREETAILOR House of Fashion to a world class level, building an orphanage and a rehabilitation center for boys and girls who haven’t the basic things of life…amongst other things.


  • Are you involved in any projects now?

At the moment, I am working on a rehabilitation project for street workers:  by offering them free training in dress and accessories making and also reconciling them back to God.



  •  Tell us some more about this project.

In line with Streettailor House of Fashion’s mission statement, we contribute to the rehabilitation of the society by offering free trainings to “Ladies on the street.” We employ them, and empower them to realize their gifts and dreams. We are about to commence the training of about 30 of them who have agreed to take part in our program.


  •  What advice do you have for younger girls who are aspiring to become like you?

   First, no one should try to become like me…(Laughing) I am not the best of me yet. I’d just say, progress and impact in this world is impossible without God, sound counsel is unparalleled. Keep the right company and be assured that everything will eventually fall into place.

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About Nkechi

Hey!  I'm Nkechi, a beautiful young woman who is on a journey to becoming the woman God has created for me to be. I love to help people achieve their goals and i'm sharing my thoughts and things I'm learning in hopes to inspire others. I believe that beauty lies within us all and those who dare to grow and express it would achieve true greatness, happiness and fulfilment.  Here you will find lots of things ranging from natural hair care, fashion, beauty, being single, spirituality, and random fun stuff. :)
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  1. Dan says:

    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing Mayowa.


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