WHATS YOUR FRUIT? A guide to creating your personal style

Post by Miss Gbosi and Kech

A lot of people have their definitions of fashion. To me, Fashion is presentation or ‘packaging’ as Nigerians like to say. It’s dressing your body in a decent way.Its ensuring that your body,God’s temple is beautifully adorned and not exposed.

There are a quite a number of  fashion rules but let’s start with dressing to suit your figure. If you know your body shape,then you will be able to find clothes that fit and flatter it.

Body shape is all about proportion, and fashion is all about dressing those proportions to look their very best.

Each of us is unique and so are our bodies. Nevertheless, our body shapes are generally narrowed down to five general categories: pear, rectangle, apple, hourglass, strawberry. You might fall into one category, or you might be a blend of two or more categories.

If you need our help to determine your body shape leave a comment below with your email address and we would get back to you.


Once you’ve determined your body shape, you can begin to consider which fashion trends to embrace and which to avoid.

Put these fashion tips to work for you!


Pear body traits:

-Your lower body is wider than your upper body — in other words, your hips are wider than your shoulders.

-Your bottom is rounded and your waist is well-defined.

-Your best assets: Shoulders, torso and flat stomach

-Your fashion goals: Emphasize your waist and arms, add volume to your shoulders and upper body and minimize your hips.

Celebrities with a pear body type

pear-beyonce Omotola-Jalade-Ekinde pear-jennifer-anniston pear-tyra-banks pear-jennifer-lopez

How to dress a Pear Body Shape

Here are a few styling tips on how to dress a Pear body type. In order to create balance, look for clothes that add the illusion of volume to your upper half, above the waist. Look for pieces that emphasize your awesome waist and de-emphasize your hips, in order to create an hourglass appearance.


Look for tops that will help balance your lower half while

accentuating your defined waist:

– Wide V or U necks, off the shoulder, boat-neck tops and with ruffles

– Tops with nipped or fitted waists.

– experiment with Bright colors and bold patterns.

– Structured shoulders, princess or flutter sleeves.

-wear Jackets that hit right above the waist

– Embellishments / strong details around the shoulders and bust.


Look for bottoms that will de-emphasize your hips

– Pants that fall straight from the widest part of your hip.

– Avoid details such as embellished pockets.

– Darker colors, clean lines and simple stitching.

– A-Line skirts.

– Lightly gathered skirts that skim your body without adding volume.

dark-colored bottoms for contrast


Rectangle body traits:

-The waist, hip and shoulder widths are similar, your waist is not very defined Slender rectangles have an athletic look about them.

-Your best assets: Your arms and legs — and you don’t have to minimize any body features.

-Your fashion goals: Create curves and show off slender legs and arms.

-You tend to gain weight first in your upper thighs, arms and torso.

celebrities with a Straight body type:

straight-anne-hathaway straight-cameron-diaz Eku-Edewor-chachacorner Seyi-Shay-Omawumi-in-Concert-The-Lasso-of-Truth-BellaNaija

How to dress a Straight or Rectangle body type

Here are a few styling tips on how to dress a Straight or Rectangle body shape. The secret of dressing a straight body type is to dress your top and bottom proportionally, enhancing your waist. You can wear well fit clothes (eg. a tube type dress) and by adding a wide belt, you can create a waist. To create more curves, add the illusion of volume proportionally in your lower and upper body, with separates.


To create a more defined waist, look for tops that will add curves to your upper half:

– Tops with belts;

– Wide V, U necks or off the shoulder tops;

– Structured shoulders or flutter sleeves;

– Tops flowing around the bust also wear tops with layers to add dimension

– Embellishments around the shoulders and bust.


Look for bottoms that will add curves to your lower half, creating an hourglass figure:

– Pants, skirts and shorts with details, like embellished or flap pockets;

– Pants with moderate or full flared legs;

– Full, tiered or bubble skirts;

– Mid or low-rise waists and wide waistbands


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