My Natural Hair Journey

It’s been 1 year and 7 months since I started my natural hair Journey. Like i said before, it’s been a beautiful, sometimes Frustrating Journey but never have i thought of going back to ”my old chemical ways” of being on the ”Creamy crack”. I’ve made up my mind to go Natural and just like Banke said, ”Natural it would be all the way”!

So yeah that was me after i took off my weave and made the decision to transition. The hair was in a pretty bad condition – The hair lines had receded, the hair at the nape wasn’t in a better condition either.Ikeja-20120409-00528 Ikeja-20120409-00522I made up my mind regardless, not to wear another weave for the rest of my Life! Did i keep that vow? Well… you’ll see.

So i went online , to search for Help and Tips on how to care for my hair. A friend recommended Kinky Apothecary and so i started learning and practicing, most of my practices were on my mum’s hair (as with everything else i had to practice, she says I turned her into my Guinea pig) God bless her for letting me!

So… where was I? Ehe, that was how i started i was soo excited i told everyone i knew about my decision. I tried out everything. I spent soooo much money on hair products i later realized i didn’t need. I remember trying out the twist out it came out so nice but by the time i got to school, the hair had become limp and awful. My classmates had a good laugh about it.

After a few weeks the Excitement waned off and frustration set in. I ran out of new Ideas and the motivation to get them so I decided to get the BIG CHOP and the excitement returned but faded off after a few more weeks because there are not much styles to try out on the really short hair. So i decided to braid and  between July and December i had braided,loosened and re-braided five times.Min. Jumoke Salami I’m sure you can guess the result of that practice – thinner hair, badly receded hair line, to cut the list short i had a bunch of Damaged hair! Then again i decided never to Braid again.

I went back to my hair school,Youtube and Blogs and started trying out homemade conditioners (i shared my favorite in the last post). Thanks to my mum who would encouraged me and my Boyfriend who told me he liked the smell of Ori on my Hair. I got my grove back and developed some good hair care habits which i would be sharing with you soon. I tried out some really cool styles with my hairIMG-20130421-00191IMG-20130619-00677 IMG-20130911-01515 IMG-20130619-00676 IMG-20130619-00630 IMG-20130617-00617 Theodora IMG-20130428-00247 and had a lot of fun discovering what works with my hair and what doesn’t. One of such things that didn’t work was defining my curls. I have a 4c hairtype (will get to hairtyping soon) and so the Eco Styler Gel i spent quite some money on, had nothing to define 🙂 like you would see in this pictureIMG-20130418-00143

In September 2013, i started work and between settling down at my work place, deciding what to wear in the morning and what to do with my hair, the frustratuion with my hair came up again, so i decided to wear a weave for and while. did i say wear a weave????? yeah i know i had vowed never to wear one again but…

Now it’s exactly 1 month since i put a barrier between my hands and my kinks (which is a really bad practice)) and i’m finally ready to set off on my hair Journey once more and just to ensure that i enjoy it i made Plans and Ensured that i have all my Must Haves for the Natural hair girl. So i will dig out all my hair stuffs from my cupboard, wardrobe or where ever they might be.

(So if you’re looking at starting your own Natural hair Journey, you might want to pick up these things too)

  1. Afro combs. Didn’t find mine because my brother who’s growing his fro ‘fapped’ it. So i bought new ones
  2. Water spray bottles. My mum said i could take from the half a dozen she bought since august. So would finally go to claim one.
  3. An extra bottle of apple cider vinegar for washing my hair
  4. Castor Oil. i discovered this amazing oil that helps grow hair and adds shine to hair, i’m finally gonna try them.
  5. Olive oil
  6. Bobby pins
  7. Hair bonnet to protect my hair while sleeping

So I’m out of the weaves now and loving my kinks.



About Nkechi

Hey!  I'm Nkechi, a beautiful young woman who is on a journey to becoming the woman God has created for me to be. I love to help people achieve their goals and i'm sharing my thoughts and things I'm learning in hopes to inspire others. I believe that beauty lies within us all and those who dare to grow and express it would achieve true greatness, happiness and fulfilment.  Here you will find lots of things ranging from natural hair care, fashion, beauty, being single, spirituality, and random fun stuff. :)
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3 Responses to My Natural Hair Journey

  1. lanre says:

    Hmmmm…..ds looks vry workable,wld luv to try it nd gt back to u on d results,howevr,I dnt wnt to do d biig chop,so I tink I’ll strt off with banke’s transition decision nd eventually gt to this point!tnx kech!tnx banke


  2. affiong says:

    Nothing against perms and weave but a lot of African girls have damages their hair roots and edges because of the chemicals from relaxers. So kudos to you for going natural 🙂


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